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Selecting the right spline for your project!

Replacing your window screens is one of the easiest and most affordable home repairs you can complete with minimal tools and expenses! Screens can become worn down with intense sun exposure, pet damage, or tiny tears and rips. While there is no set lifespan for window screens, it is recommended that you replace them every ten years or sooner if you have apparent damage or trouble opening and closing your windows. Replacing your window screens maintains the screen's integrity while increasing your property's curb appeal.

Selecting the proper spline for your project will ensure a smooth screen replacement that will last years.

To ensure you have the right amount of spline, measure the perimeter of your screen. This will tell you how much spline length you need for your project. Generally, a 25' bag of spline will be enough for a 7' roll of screen, and a 100' bag of spline is enough for a 25' roll of screen. Selecting the correct spline diameter will ensure that your screen stays sturdy and in place. The spline size needed depends on the size of the channel in your screen frame, as well as what type of screen you use. The best way to ensure you have the correct size spline is to measure the diameter of the existing spline in the frame and then purchase the same size. If you are unsure that you can determine the correct spline size on your own, ADFORS sells bags of 3-in-1 spline, which includes 20' each of 0.125", 0.140", and 0.160" diameter spline for you to test.


When using an ADFORS screen frame, we recommend using ADFORS 0.140" diameter spline with our Standard Fiberglass, Clear Advantage, Extra Strength, Small Insect, and Solar Screen. We recommend utilizing ADFORS 0.125" diameter spline when installing ADFORS Pet Screen or Aluminum Screen.

For re-screening pool cages, it is recommended to use ADFORS flat spline. ADFORS flat spline is specifically designed to fit the groove of most pool cages, providing maximum holding power for the new screen. ADFORS flat spline is available in a single size, in both 30' and 100' bags.

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