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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Window Screens

Spring Cleaning Your Window Screens

Are your window screens looking grimy and dull? It's that time of year again… spring cleaning! Window screens are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but they play a crucial role in keeping your home fresh and healthy. You periodically change the filter in your furnace to ensure you breathe fresh air – so why would you want to breathe air coming through dirty screens? In this guide, we'll share everything you need to know about cleaning your window screens at home that will make them look brand new again.

Here are some tips on how to clean a window screen at home:

  • Start by removing the screen from the window. Removing a few screws or clips can take down most screens easily.
  • Once the screen is removed, gently vacuum or brush away both sides of the screen to remove any dust or debris. If there are any stubborn spots, you can use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to loosen them up.
  • Wipe down both sides of the screen with a damp cloth. You can use plain water or a mild soap solution for this step. Be sure to rinse off any soap residue with clean water.
  • Let your screen air dry. Once the screen is dry, put it back in place!

With just a little effort, you can keep your window screens clean and free of dust, pollen, and other allergens – making your home more comfortable for everyone.