Wall & Ceiling Patches

FibaTape® Wall Repair Patch

Self-adhesive patch designed for tough repairs, perfect for DIYers

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Product Overview

FibaTape wall and ceiling repair patches feature a patented, multidirectional fiberglass mesh with a perforated aluminum backing for the strongest repair. Compound flows easily through the perforated aluminum to provide a strong bond that will not rust. Ideal for demanding repairs.

Available sizes
4" x 4",
6" x 6",
8" x 8",

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FAQs on this product

What is the best way to deal with a patch that doesn’t embed into the pavement surface or starts to peel up?

If a patch does not adequately embed into the pavement or peels up after installation – either completely or partially – it does not mean the patch cannot be used. Pull up the patch, or cut out the section that did not adhere properly, clean and remove any dust and debris, dry the patch material and reapply following the installation instructions. It may not be necessary to remove the entire patch.

What type of patch should I use on a ceiling?

The perforated aluminum patch works great for smaller holes in ceilings. The aluminum adds some rigidity/strength to the patch. If you were to use just a mesh patch and coat with joint compound the weight of the compound could cause the area where the damage is to sag. This will not happen when using the aluminum patch. They are available in 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 sizes.

What type of compound should I use with FibaTape/FibaFuse?

Although FibaTape and FibaFuse products can be used with all types of compounds, we do have some recommendations for the best results.

When taping regular, tapered edge seams with Perfect Finish or Extra Strength tape we recommend heavy weight all-purpose ready-mixed compound for those that prefer all-purpose compounds.  If the temperature is warm and stable and humidity is low you can also use the heavy weight compound with our other FibaTape products.  FibaFuse works with all compounds but we also recommend heavy weight all-purpose if you prefer all-purpose compound.  Taping and setting compounds are also great to use with our FibaTape and FibaFuse products.  We suggest staying away from lightweight compounds when embedding any type of tape.  Remember to always refer to the compound manufacturer’s instructions for recommended drying times.