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American Road Patch: Duluth Airport

United States , Duluth

Duluth Airport Authority Taxiway

APPLICATION: Duluth Airport Authority is a hub for F16 fighter planes. The airport must be very cautious as to what to use on the taxiway as some materials can damage the turbines on the fighter planes. 

CHALLENGE: The airport was continuously filling and refilling potholes due to consistent traffic loading and deterioration.

SOLUTION: In Fall 2019 the airport authority decided to try American Road Patch. The old fill was removed and replaced with American Road Patch. To ensure that none of the aggregates surfaced, the patch was tamped to embed the waterproofing membrane into the pavement. After multiple snowfalls and plowing, the American Road Patch remains strong!

torching the road
american road patch installation
Snow on top of american road patch

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