Novelio Decoration Sand coated

Novelio Decoration Sand Coated wall coverings feature a sand-coated layer that creates a unique two-tone finish, offering a stylish aesthetic alongside durable wall protection.

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Product Overview

The Novelio Decoration Sand Coated two-tone fiberglass wall coverings are fire-resistant, and free of any PVC made entirely from natural materials, allowing walls to breathe.

This eco-friendly wallpaper also features patented CleanAir technology that effectively improves indoor air quality. Not only does CleanAir keep rooms fresh and clean for longer, but it also provides protection for people with chemical sensitivities, with a specially designed coating that absorbs 70% of formaldehyde permanently in the air for up to ten years, even after several layers of paint.

  • Unique two-tone finish
  • Oekotex standard
  • Fire-resistant: Euroclass B-s1, d0 on substrate A1 or A2
  • Class A+ very low emission of harmful pollutants
  • CleanAir technology absorbs 70% of formaldehyde permanently in the air - effective for 10 years or more