Novelio® Classic Mold-X

Novelio® Classic Mold-X fiberglass wall coverings are a hygienic wall finishing solution for improving sanitary environments, with an active ingredient contained withing the wall covering preventing the development of bacteria and mould.

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Product overview

These mould resistant fiberglass wall coverings stop the development of mould and bacteria on wall surfaces for more than 10 years.

Mould and bacteria quickly develop under the influence of heat, humidity and some nutrients and can cause irritation, asthma and other ailments. The Mold-X treatment boasts an active ingredient that breaks the chain of bacteria and mould development, remaining active even after several coats of paint.
This makes the Novelio® Classic Mold-X mold resistant fiberglass wall covering ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms in both private and public buildings.

• Mold-X active ingredient treatment prevents the development of bacteria and mould
• Impact and fire resistant
• Durable and decorative