Novelio® Classic CleanAir

Novelio® Classic CleanAir non-toxic fiberglass wall coverings boast all the durability and decorative benefits of the standard traditional range, with the added advantage of 50% absorption of formaldehydes in the air for 10 years or more.

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Product overview

Novelio® Classic CleanAir is the ideal solution for those looking for perfect indoor air quality.

CleanAir treatment is a solution for improving indoor air quality. Formaldehydes are mainly released by laminated furniture, new floorcoverings and some paints or glues - this is why it is highly present after a renovation or a construction. This organic component is trapped within the wallpaper and not released back into the air, and the principle remains active even after several coats of paint.

The Novelio® Classic CleanAir formaldehyde resistant wall coverings also retain other glass fiber characteristics, such as impact and fire resistance. This makes the range ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels and other private or public buildings. 

• 50% absorption of  formaldehydes in the air for 10 years or more
• Impact and fire resistant
• Durable and decorative