Novelio® Classic EasyFix

Novelio® Classic EasyFix fiberglass wall coverings feature a self-adhesive layer, so there's no need for glue or the use of a water activation machine.

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Product overview

The easy to apply wall covering offers a 30% saving in total installation time, as the self-adhesive layer can  be applied directly on the wall or ceiling. This includes 20% reduction in working time, and also a day of glue drying time, as well as a material saving of  7 kilograms of glue for a 15m2 room.

As with all products in the Novelio® Classic range, the impact resistant wall finishes offer durable protection of the wall, and are ideal for crack prevention, crack covering and abrasion resistance. What's more, the Novelio® EasyFix fire resistant wall covering is easily washable and re-paintable, offering fast wall renovation.

• Time saving: 20% of working time, 1 day of drying time (glue)
• Material saving: 7 kg of glue for a 15 m2 room
• Durable protection of the wall with 2 layers of acrylic paint
• Fast wall renovation
• Easily washable & re-paintable