Novelio® Classic EasyGlue (pre-glued)

Novelio® Classic EasyGlue fiberglass wall coverings come pre-glued for a faster installation and up to 50% saving on application time.

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Product overview

These pre-glued fiberglass wall coverings are an ideal solution for those looking to speed up installation time without having to compromise on design or durability. 

Providing up to a 50% saving on application time, the decorative impact resistant wall coverings boast a homogeneous film of glue on the back of the wallpaper, which is  activated by water, eliminating the need for glue.

What's more, the Novelio® Classic EasyGlue  wallpaper is ideal for crack prevention and abrasion resistance, plus crack covering for wall renovation.

By choosing Novelio® Classic EasyGlue, application time can be reduced by 30% - or even up to 50% if the product is also pre-painted. In addition, there is a material saving of 7 kilograms of glue for a 15m2 room, and 7 litres of paint if the product is also pre-painted.

• Pre-glued for fast wall renovation
• Easily washable and re-paintable
• Durable protection of the wall - with 1 or 2 layers of acrylic paint
• Up to 50%  saving on application time